Underground Drainage Pipe Manufacturer In India

Underground Drainage Pipe Manufacturer In India

The underground drainage pipes are used underground for the transportation of drainage & sewerage water and waste. The pipes have rubber rings that are used for jointing which ensures a leak free joint. Over the last few decades, Underground Drainage Pipe Manufacturer In India have made UPVC pipes because they have emerged as a cost-effective and durable choice for several plumbing projects. Reliability, durability, easy installation and corrosion resistance are some of the many advantages that UPVC pipes offer over metal pipes. UPVC pipes are microbial growth resistant, with a high tensile and impact strength which makes them a long-lasting plumbing solution. Metal pipes corrode and rust easily, leading to breakage and leaks. UPVC, as an underground drainage pipe material, does not corrode, even in hard water.

Underground Drainage Pipe Manufacturer In India

Metal pipes may also lead to Lead poisoning, making it one of the many safety concerns that make metal pipes a bad choice for transporting drinking water in your homes. Lead not only poses a threat to our health, but also results in extensive environmental contamination.
UPVC pipes are also very cost-effective in the long run, they are lightweight and are easier to work with. They can be easily cut and fitted into smaller spaces. The installation requires simple tools that are not expensive.

Underground Drainage PVC Pipes (Self-fit type or Ring-fit type) are manufactured as per the IS 15328. Underground drainage pipe sizes vary from 110mm to 315mm with different stiffness classes. They come with solid walls and are compatible with any regular PVC fittings.

Other than UPVC, the mostly used types of underground drainage pipes, such as in agriculture, include Column Pipes. Column Pipes are generally used in borewells as they can withstand high pressure. The strength of these pipes, joints make them useful for pulling water from a borewell even at a depth of 1000 feet. Those pipes have successfully replaced the costly GI pipes.
The cost for drainage/sewerage line is measured in running feet or running metres, not in square feet. The estimated cost of the drainage line depends on the type of pipe material used, diameter of the pipe and length of the line. If the drainage line is made of RCC pipes the cost will go higher as it will include excavation works, PCC, chambers etc. Whereas, the underground drainage pipe price for PVC material, as is used for residential and industrial building’s wastewater water transport purpose, will be less as compared to RCC pipes.
PVC underground drainage pipes play a major role in getting rid of human waste. A lack of proper drainage systems or the use of poor quality underground drainage pipes can lead to a lot of serious problems such as flooding, property damage and last but not the least, unhygienic conditions. Underground drain pipes are a subject to various types of chemical and physical attacks through their lifetime, and hence you must choose them carefully.
Types of underground drainage pipes
Today, there are various types of drainage pipes available depending on several factors like climate conditions and material used, among others. Following are the different types of pipes that offer primary drainage solution that you should be aware of:

PVC drainage pipes, as discussed above, are considered as one of the most widely used options for drainage pipe systems. PVC/Polyvinyl Chloride Drainage Pipes are sturdy and can withstand high pressure. They account for about 75% in the wastewater mains section. It simply requires solvent cement or a rubber ring to join the PVC pipes together. It is a time saving, pocket friendly option. These features uphold PVC as the best drainage system type in India.

DWC, abbreviation for Double Wall Corrugated pipes, are another option for strong, durable drainage systems. They are cost effective, durable and a flexible solution as the material used in making these pipes is polyethylene which is chemically inert in nature. They are highly durable because this substance is abrasion and corrosion resistant. So no matter the weather conditions, or soil, they will survive there for long.

Cast iron drainage pipes are mostly useful in home/residential projects. They serve to allow obstruction-free, easy flow of waste water from the house to the recycling centres or STPs. They are known for lasting years together. However, they are expensive, labour intensive, hence difficult to install.

Drainage pipes made of Clay have been traditionally used in drainage systems. Being a cost effective option, they were widely used for underground drainage projects. Although strong and eco friendly, these pipes are heavy-weight, difficult to install and require repair and maintenance over an interval of time.

These are pipes made of steel and concrete, which had been a popular material of choice before the advent of plastic pipes and are still used in large diameter projects. They are at a disadvantage of being very heavy and require special machinery for installation. The internal surface is rough and prone to depositions and therefore requires frequent cleaning.

All drainage pipes are not the same. Different types of pipes cater to different problems in drainage systems. In order to efficiently direct the flow of wastewater, the most common choice is PVC pipes. If you are looking for some good quality underground drainage pipes that will last years, Austro pipes is your Underground Drainage Pipe Manufacturer In India.

Here are some of the features you should know about, while selecting the best underground drainage pipe:

  1. Resistant to corrosion and chemicals: Metal pipes deteriorate easily and become toxic when placed in a corrosive soil environment. This is one of the major reasons why PVC piping systems are the go-to choice as underground drainage pipe material in India. There is no scaling or pitting involved which ensures optimum waste water flow. They also do not react with the chlorine and other chemicals that are found in the water.
  2. Breakage-free: To repair a leak in the underground drainage pipe can cost you a lot of money. This is why you should always go for an underground drainage pipe that ensures sturdy, leak-free performance. Our ringfit jointing system ensures leak-proof joints.
  3. Flexible: Underground drainage pipes are often installed in narrow or tight spaces, therefore, go for a pipe that offers greater flexibility, and is easy to cut. Our underground drainage pipes are specifically designed to provide increased flexibility in piping lines. They are ideal for narrow spaces.
  4. Longevity: An underground drainage piping system should be seen as a long-term investment and hence there should be no compromise when it comes to quality. A good drainage system should be highly robust and durable with high tensile and impact strength.
  5. Fast and easy installation: Pipes that are easy to install, often result in significant cost reduction. Our pipes are quite flexible which makes them easier to install, carry and bend. They also require a lesser number of fittings due to their flexibility. Moreover, our pipes are lightweight and, thus ensuring a labour-intensive and cost-effective endeavour.
  6. Anti-rodent: Drains offer the perfect breeding environment for rodents like mice. These animals gnaw and chew at pipes leading to leakages which can severely damage your property. One effective way to prevent the rodents from eating away the pipe system is by installing anti-rodent drainage pipes. Manufactured under stringent quality control, Astropipe underground drainage pipes are tough enough for rodents to damage them.
  7. Easy to handle and transport: When you are purchasing underground drainage pipes, there are different installation options available for various types of commercial and domestic projects. As one of the leading manufacturers of drainage pipes, our pipes and fittings are tested and can be installed on all types of soil conditions. Made of highly stable components, our lightweight pipes make transportation, handling and installation very easy.
  8. Anti-microbial: A hygienic drainage system is a crucial requirement. Underground drainage pipes are constantly subjected to waste and bacteria, so, preferably pipes that are anti-microbial should be chosen. This implies that bacterial growth cannot survive or thrive on the surface of the pipes. The anti-microbial characteristics of the pipes enhance their durability and reduce the bad odour that may be caused by bacteria.

So if you’re looking for Underground Drainage Pipe Manufacturer In India that comprise all the above said features, you have reached the right spot! Austropipes is a leading manufacturer of drainage pipes in India that offers all the essential features, tested through stringent quality protocols.

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