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Cassing & capping

Casing and capping wiring is considered to be one of the most simplest and conventional forms of electric wiring systems. As of today’s requirements, casing and capping electric wiring system is widely used throughout the globe in offices and homes. As the name suggests, the PVC insulated wires are placed in the plastic casing and covered with a cap. Casing is a rectangular strip or cross section where the cables run through it possessing grooves and is usually white or grey in colour.

casing and capping

CPVC Pipes

CPVC is the acronym for Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride and is the chlorination process that changes the chemical makeup and the properties of the plastic. Some of the common uses of PVC and CPVC pipes include commercial uses such as housing underground wires, farm irrigation systems, plumbing, and drainage and sewage infrastructure; residential uses such as home irrigation systems, residential plumbing, drainage and sewage infrastructure; recreational uses such as makeshift tents and shaded seated areas, frames for greenhouses, carports and raised garden beds.

cpvc pipe

Electrical Conduit pipe

Conduit pipes are the fast replacements for the conventional pipes and are widely accepted all over the world. Conduit pipes are used for either of the two purposes, viz., electrical wiring and water supply. An electrical conduit pipe is a tube that is used to protect and route electrical wiring in both household and industrial sectors. An electrical conduit pipe may be made of fibre, metal, plastic or even fired clay (occasionally). Two variants of conduit pipes are found such as rigid and flexible, where each has its respective purposes. The use, form and installation details are often specified by the wiring regulations, the US National Electrical Code (NEC) and other building codes.

electrical conduit pipe

Form Core pipe sN-4

The Foam core pipe SN-4 can be termed as the multi-layer pipes possessing outer and inner layers of conventional UPVC (Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride) while the middle layer is made up of high density foamed PVC. The outer and inner layers are so designed that it can take up the load and the middle layer of the foamed PVC provides rigidity while maintaining the shape of the pipe under load. This way, it reduces the total weight of the Foam core pipe SN-4 by 25% and makes it light when compared to the solid wall PVC pipes. Having terracotta colour, the Foam core pipe SN-4 is most suitable for residential and commercial drain, waste and vent piping systems for both underground and above the ground applications.

UGD sn-4 pipe


The conventional UPVC pipes no longer meet the requirement of the current day scenario where most of the pipes are dug underground. Considering the conventional UPVC pipes and their durability, they do not do much justice when installed underground as they are prone to leakage. Thus, Foam core pipe SN-4 finds their way in this segment and have proven to be very effective while installed underground

upvc pipe


Over the years, Austro Pipes, the leading manufacturer, is committed to introduce innovative plumbing and electrical products in the Indian market to better serve the industries. The constant efforts put in by Austro Pipes to bring in a change aiding in manufacturing of unique products in the competitive Indian market, proved the capabilities once again with the introduction of the Foam core pipe SN-4. Having served a huge client base or dealers, Austro Pipes is the best wholesaler in the Indian market by far.



PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride pipes are the most commonly used products in both domestic and commercial and sometime industrial spaces. They are used as electrical conduit and as well as irrigation piping. While installation, PVC pipes need to pass through grooves or edges and thus requires bending for smooth installation. This however does not harm the quality or functionality of the PVC pipes and off late have given rise to a special concept, PVC bend. PVC Bend is usually a PVC pipe that has a bent shape and works as a connector between two pipes.

pvc bend 1

PVC Pipe

PVC rigid pipe is used for  supply of water. Its used in agriculture, commercial, residential building and many other. Its used in almost all the place where there is requirement of supply of water and management system

pvc pipe