Casing and capping has been one of the oldest and most frequently used wiring systems, till date. Even in today’s world, after the emergence of conduit or sheathed wiring systems, casing and capping is very popular in electrical wiring projects.


Casing and capping is a method where PVC insulated wires are placed in plastic casings and covered with a PVC cap. The casing and capping system is suitably used for household wiring, wire distribution, protection to other wiring systems, in offices, and in electrical devices with low voltage use. The casing is generally a rectangular strip, with grey or white channel and cap. A standard length for “case and cap” is about 39.4 inches, and comes in various sizes– such as 1.5-inch in width and 0.8-inch in thickness. The durability of the system is estimated to be around 20 years and is great for home and office spaces. 

PVC casing and capping is a brilliant product that can be used for many purposes in wiring installations. They provide electrical safety and insulation, and bear the distribution load of the wires according to the capacity of the wire. PVC is extremely resistant to chemicals,such as acids and salts, hence offering the best durability in the market. Homeowners, and office designers use PVC cases and caps to give an organised and sophisticated look to the home or workplace. Needless to say, it also helps in protecting the wires and cables from any disturbance.

PVC casing and capping, known as the Casing Patti or Cable Trunking, is a necessary tool for electrical products and also for covering the exposed wiring at your home and offices. PVC, or more specifically, unplasticised PVC (uPVC) has incredible purpose and efficacy for home or office installations. Astropipes, a leading manufacturer of PVC casing and capping in India, is proud to use uPVC in all its products to enhance their robustness and strength.

There are four different types of casing and capping wiring types of casing and capping wiring: 

Press and fit 

It is the most prevalent wiring type, with one part fitted on the bottom surface and another one on top. The installation process is also pretty simple– first, the bottom part is attached to the walls, then the wiring is fed down the casing, and finally, the cover gets pressed against the bottom part. 

Sliding and fit 

Sliding and fit is similar to Press and fit and is also more common for deeper-lying casings that make it hard to press and fit the capping. Since PVC material is pretty hard to press, their application is much easier with sliding. 

Trunked fit 

Trunked fit is a helpful wiring system when used as an additional layer on underground voltage wires and is often used in street light installation projects. 

Grilled fit 

Grilled fit is a common casing and capping wiring system type for telephone  wire management and is customizable. 


Installation of Casing and Capping in wiring

First, a 0.1-inch insulator is applied between the wall and the casing to prevent the moisture in the wall from affecting the casing. Then, the surface is curved with a ¼-inch width, available in two-way and three-way designs. Finally, screws are drilled into the casing at an 11-inch distance from each other. Different types of joints such as T-joint, L-joint and bridge joint can be used to install the casing and capping wiring system, vertically or horizontally. 

Advantages of using Astropipe’s PVC casing and capping for wire installations:

  • The manufactured product has a built-in locking system that helps secure all the wires together by securing them within the casing. Helping you create the aesthetics that you want!
  • Casings and caps are available in a wide range of sizes and fits.
  • PVC casings and caps are easy to install in any setting–home, or office.
  • It is low cost.
  •  PVC is also rust free–great for monsoons, smoke-resistant, fire-resistant, and completely enclosed that protects us from accidental electric shocks.
  • If you’re planning to renovate or rewire your space, don’t let the entangled wires get in the way.  
  • Guaranteed durability, as unplasticised PVC does not change its shape even after extended use. 

With the advanced usage of modern-day electrical devices, it is important to evolve the wiring system as well, to protect your valuables.

When You Talk about PVC Casing and Capping Manufacturers the Austropipes is the leading Manufacturing and Distribution Company in India.

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