PVC Trunking Manufacturer in India

Austropipes is a prominent PVC Trunking manufacturer in India. Austro Plastic Industries LLP, based in Hyderabad, India, was established in the year 2016. They are a leading manufacturer in the fields of PVC, uPVC and cPVC Pipes and pipe fittings. With more than 3000 dealers in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states, Austropipes cater to an extensive demand of electrical, plumbing and sanitary ware products.

PVC Trunking Manufacturer

As a PVC trunking supplier, Austropipes has a widely spread customer base. The PVC Trunking that we offer is used for cabin wiring and cable ducting. The offered PVC Cable Trunking finds its usage in both residential and industrial sectors. Austropipes is known as the best PVC Trunking manufacturer because they are manufactured using top notch quality PVC. PVC Trunking is available in different colors, sizes and specifications at economical prices.

For their use of cutting-edge technology, Austropipes is at the top as a PVC Pipes and PVC trunking manufacturer .

Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (U-PVC) is one of the most efficient modern synthetic materials and uPVC pipes and fittings. It is an excellent choice as material for majority of the commercial, educational and healthcare environments and has been more thoroughly researched than almost

any other synthetic material. U-PVC makes excellent use of scarce resources. It exhibits excellent longevity, is safe to manufacture, safe for continuous use and can be recycled.

U-PVC electrical cable trunking is easy to install, easy to carry and very cost-effective. U-PVC is also a self extinguishing material. Meaning, if there’s a fire the material does not cause flame to spread and PVC channels.

Austropipes PVC Trunking has a wide range of U-PVC trunking solutions in different heights, designs, cable capacities for the distribution of

power and data. Whatever the installation requirements, Austropipe as a PVC Trunking manufacturer produces various sizes – 50mmx50mm, 100mmx50mm, 75mmx75mm, 100mmx100mm, 150mmx50mm.

PVC Trunking systems are a popular choice as an enclosure used to protect cables from damage and keep the wires together. Cable electrical trunking is manufactured in the square or rectangular shapes with joints to provide easy access to the cable for repair. Without PVC electrical trunking systems, cables running loose around walls and floors would have a negative effect on the aesthetics of a room. Hence using cable wiring trunking provides a clean appearance for your home or office. It is widely used in various establishments including residentials, restaurants and hospitals.

What is the use of External/Outdoor Cable Trunking?

Using Electrical cable trunking in External/outdoor settings is extremely helpful and has several benefits. The most vital use of cable electrical trunking systems in an outdoor industrial setting is to keep the cables and wires tidy and concealed. The strong, white, hollow plastic is a safe and efficient way to protect the electrical wiring installations. The  cable electrical trunking wiring system provides an aesthetic look to the space, keeping it tidy and put together.

An even more vital function of the electrical cable trunking is the safety and well being of your family or office staff. Cable trunking is usually installed for health and safety reasons to prevent cables and wires from running here and there inside the house or office. This eliminates the possibility of tripping hazards. The plastic wire cable trunking prevents the wires from being exposed to any water hazards for example, rain, accidental floods increasing risk of fire and electric shocks.

Electrical cable trunking has hinged sections that make it accessible or easy to be removed completely. For management purposes, the electrical cable trunking makes it convenient for technicians to inspect any issues of repair or replacement, damaged or faulty cables.

The different types of Electrical Cable Trunking Systems are:

At Austropipes, Electrical Cable PVC trunking systems are manufactured in various different materials and sizes. The wide range allows for different options to choose from, depending on the different environments and requirements of the installation. At Austropipes, outdoor/external PVC electrical cable trunking and internal electrical cable trunking are available.

PVC, for electric cable trunking, is the most popular and affordable choice of material. They are specially designed for using in industrial spaces and places where cable ventilation is a must. PVC electric cable trunking is designed to ensure tidiness of wiring systems and protect the cables from mechanical damage. Austropipes PVC cable trunking options consist of mini cable trunking and maxi cable trunking which are easy to install and repair. You also have the option of a self-adhesive electrical trunking wiring system that can be secured on surfaces without the need to nail, thus protecting your property from damage.

There are many reasons you should consider installing electric cable trunking. Such as:

#1 Protection of Cables

With Trunking systems, cables are kept enclosed, reducing the risk of damage to the cables. Electric cable trunking systems reduce the risk of cable damage. Without electric cable trunking, wires may get pulled, tangled or crammed together in a tight place causing strain on the cables. The hollow enclosure keeps the cables well organised and safe from dirt.

#2 Improved aesthetics:

Electric cable trunking is often used for aesthetic reasons. Without electric cable trunking, it would be an eyesore to have cables running loose all around your walls and floors. Electrical cable trunking tidies up the place by packing all wires together and concealed. This makes your house or office look more presentable to guests or colleagues.

#3 Easy management of wires:

Maintenance of electric cable trunking systems is more convenient than any other wiring system out there. PVC cable trunking keeps the cables in good condition for a longer time. Owing to their hollow, square or rectangular shape with hinged sections, the PVC trunking systems are easily accessible for electricians if required which makes cable management much easier.

#4 Safety of family or staff:

Cable trunking wiring systems enhance safety in your home or workplace. A variety of perils are observed from poorly organised wiring systems. These include tripping hazards, electrical stocks and also the risk of fire. Electric cable trunking keeps the wiring safely sealed, reducing the risk of electric stocks and hazards. Cable electric trunking can also prevent your property from damage. Cables may cause a fire that may spread, but installing a PVC trunking will protect the flame from spreading.

#5 Cable trunking have a long life span

If you want your cables to last longer, PVC trunking is the best option to protect them. Outdoor/external cable trunking protects against environmental factors such as extreme bad weather, rodents, insects, water, etc. Installing wide trunking will keep the wires organised, untangled and enables  air ventilation within the cables for safe handling. Electrical cable trunking keeps the wiring organised, clean and concealed, increasing their longevity.

Austropipes is a leading PVC Trunking manufacturer in India and is best suited for high voltage distribution in buildings, equipment, and switching yards. When many electrical cables are involved, PVC electrical trunking installation distributes current efficiently. Electrical cable trunking systems are mainly used to protect you and your cables from damage while increasing the longevity of your cables. Hence, saving you a ton of money on your electricals.

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